Lancia B20 GT - Eligible 1 000 Miglia


Considered the first "GT", this Lancia B20 GT berlinetta 2nd series, designed by Pinin Farina is equipped with the world's first production V6 imagined and designed by Vittorio Jano, who will design the V6 DIno we will find later in the Lancia Stratos.

This chassis was ahead of its time, it benefited from a transverse architecture which allows the Aurelia an ideal distribution of masses, allowing it to shine in Monte-Carlo and to secure places of honor in the 1000 Miglia.

Technical details

  • Lancia B20 GT 2nd series
  • V6 engine
  • Former car of Victor Muller, founder of Spycker Car
  • Eligible 1,000 Miglia